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Felt Valentines


If you're like me, you need time to plan ahead for crafts. You need to make a list, find your existing craft supplies, go to Hobby Lobby, and set aside a craft day. So that's why I'm posting Valentine's Day crafts mid-January. : )

We love using felt around here, and in the past year I've discovered some fun felt projects that work great for Valentine's Day. They can be used to give to someone special, or just for decorating.

First up: Felt Cookies. My daughter made these and gave them to her friends last year. They are super easy and inexpensive. Instructions are here.

Next: Felt Cupcakes. I plan to decorate with a couple of these, but they are so quick and easy to produce, that they also make fun gifts. I gave one to a friend of mine who has a home business decorating cakes. Click here to get the instructions.

For the cute little cupcake stand (which also works very well as a candle pedestal) click here.

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