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Felt Cookies

34 My 9 year old daughter is making these as Valentines for her friends this year. They are SO easy, and could be adapted for almost any occasion.

Here's how:

We purchased 3 colors of felt: cream, red, and pink-with-glitter.

We made circle templates out of cardstock in 2 sizes: a large one for the cookie and a smaller one for the icing.

For each cookie you'll need to cut out TWO cream circles and ONE colored circle.

The 2 cream circles are stitched together using a simple whip stitch in matching thread. Before closing up the circle, stuff the cookie with a tiny bit of stuffing. We used Poly-Fil. Then, stitch up the remainder of the circle and tie the knot.

Chloe did this herself. Each one took less than 10 minutes to sew.

Next, we used Tacky Glue to put the icing on. Tacky Glue is best for felt. Trust me.

For the decorations, we used glitter paint and glitter glue to make dots, circles, hearts, and words. Kinda looks like sprinkles and more icing, right? You could also use pretty beads, but we were going for EASY.

When the cookies are finished, set them somewhere to dry where younger siblings cannot reach (and preferably where they can't even SEE them).

How's that for cute and easy?



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