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Felt Cupcake

Have you noticed how much we are loving felt here? So far we've made felt flower hair clips, felt food, felt crayon rolls, and I'm in the middle of a quiet book for my little guys made of felt. It's so easy to work with, and fun, too!

So when Chloe (9) was invited to a birthday party this weekend, we decided to make a cute felt cupcake we had seen. We looked up this tutorial and Chloe did the sewing.

We improvised a little, by adding a red pom-pom for a cherry and putting some beans in the bottom for weight and stability. We will put it on a paper doily and I'm going to find a pretty china saucer from Goodwill to set the cupcake on.
The whole project took less than an hour. I think we'll be making more of these!
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