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A Day in the Life

34 Welcome to a day-long glimpse of our lives! This is a very typical day in our home. There's a little bit of everything thrown in: homeschooling, playtime, homemaking, and chores. So, let's begin!

8:00 I wake up. The little boys (5 and 8) are awake. The girls (3, 13, and 17) are not. I go wake the girls and start a breakfast of cinnamon toast and apple slices.

8:20 While I read the Bible aloud, the kids eat their breakfast. Then we discuss plans for the day.

8:40 Big girls start their independent schoolwork in their rooms, while I do memorization with the 3 young ones. We practice:

They get a couple of chocolate chips for rewards. I also begin sharpening pencils.

8:50 3-year-old asks to do her "pretty book" for school (like this one). 8yo does copywork from the Usborne Science Encyclopedia (his choice), and 5yo plays a game on the iPad. It's extremely counterproductive to have both boys at the school table together. 

I sharpen pencils for the 2nd time.

9:30 I sort and clean beans for the crockpot in preparation for dinner. 8yo finally finishes copywork, and chooses his read-aloud also from the Science Encyclopedia. And now 13yo asks for help with her math. 3yo helps with the beans. 

9:35 The boys are released to play outside while I help 13yo with math.

9:45 It's too cold to play outside! I pull out the rubber stamps and ink pads for a "busy" activity.

10:00 13yo finishes math and goes to shower. I teach 3 and 5yo to make thumb print animals. 3yo cries because she doesn't like ink on her fingers. 

10:15 Time for 8yo to do math, and handwriting for 5yo. 3yo puts stickers on paper. 17yo informs me she is going for a 2nd math lesson today. Yipee! 

Next, 8yo gets to choose a new book to read to himself, and chooses one on dinosaurs. He reads silently for a bit, then switches to reading aloud in a British accent. : ) 3yo goes off to play and I put laundry in the dryer.

10:30 8yo finishes reading and is off to play. 5yo does math flash cards and 100 Easy Lessons. 13yo is crocheting. 

10:50 I do a lesson on thinking with 13 and 17yo. They will read my blog post on "Changing the World One Comment at a Time" and practice writing effective comments. (Oh yes! I use my blog as instruction for my kids as well as for entertainment for you folks!) 

Where is my pencil sharpener?!? While 13yo finishes her writing assignment, 17yo checks the status of her Origami Owl business website. Then I check my blog, emails, and FB. All this time the little kids are watching a video. Then I check both writing assignments.

11:30 More laundry and then Sonlight with all the kids. We move to the living room with a stack of books. Today we read about Alexander the Great, catch up on timeline activities and prepare to discuss the rise of Rome (beginning tomorrow). 5yo copies the cover of the World History Atlas, and 13yo continues crocheting. 

12:15 I start lunch while 13yo cleans up the kitchen. While eating lunch, we all watch Drive Through History - Ancient Greece to wrap up our study of Greece.

1:00 School is finished! Time to clean up the books and put 3yo down for a nap. This is typically Quiet Time for all kids, but sometimes the boys ask to play outside for QT, and I say yes. Like today. If the weather's nice in the winter, I'm going to get those boys outside! They also get a candy cane.

I try a new recipe (Paleo Party Mix) and prepare to sew for awhile. I'm making my husband a t-shirt quilt for Christmas. 

1:30 I listen to Persuasion by Jane Austen while sewing. 

2:30 Sewing project went as far as it could today, so I switch to computer time (eBay, blogging, Usborne, etc.).

3:00 3yo wakes up from her nap. She gets a candy cane, too, and plays with her brothers while I finish up on the computer. I just remember to take ground beef out of the freezer for tacos. Oops!

3:30 5yo asks if I will go outside with them. Okay, I will. It's a nice day for December. The boys climb trees and ride bikes, while 3yo swings and walks with me. Then we all hike around the property.

4:00 We come back in for a few minutes before the little ones go back outside with 13yo to play and ride bikes some more. I check the laundry and season the beans. I finish up my computer work (finally).

4:30 Kids come back in to play. 13yo asks me to print out something for her brothers that will be their Christmas gift: instructions for making duct-tape swords. She will give them a folder with these instructions and several rolls of duct tape! Then off to clean my bedroom. Sigh.

5:00 3 of the kids watch a Spiderman episode while 17yo reviews her CPR training and watches The Next Great Baker. I fold laundry.

5:20 Little boys put away their laundry.

5:30 17yo points out the beautiful sunset, so we step outside and snap a picture. Then I replace several light bulbs and open mail. Christmas cards: yay! 

I look longingly at the book on my bedside table and wonder if I'll have time to read today.

5:45 I send 5, 8, and 13yo upstairs to clean up their bedrooms. 3yo asks me to braid her hair. I settle a squabble between the boys.

6:15 Start cooking dinner and another load of laundry. Boys play Minecraft. 8yo creates a Minecraft castle for Alexander the Great. 13yo crochets while watching Pride & Prejudice. I make refried beans and serve up tacos and burritos.

6:40 Dinner!

7:00 Hubby calls; he's on his way home from work.

7:30 Big girls play Boggle while little ones watch. I go through grocery ads and make my grocery list .

7:45 Hubby is home - bearing chocolate! 

8:40 UPS driver delivers my Discovery Toys order. Fun! I pay bills online. Very thankful for internet. : )

9:30 Hubby and I give new Christmas ornaments to each child - a yearly tradition.

9:45 Hubby puts little boys to bed while I put 3yo to bed - our nightly ritual. 

10:00 I call my mom to discuss Christmas stuff. Hubby and I go over our budget, bills, and Christmas lists. 

10:30 Big girls go to bed.

11:00 Wrap Christmas gifts while watching Pride and Prejudice.

12:15 Bed!

Thanks for joining us for this glimpse into our day. 

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