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Dinosaur Preshool "Busy Work"


I have a 4 year-old who loves do "do school" and who loves dinosaurs. So, in an effort to provide him with "school work" like his big sisters and satisfy his endless need to look at dinosaur pictures, I printed out a whole bunch of free worksheets at The Learning Page and made a book for him.

The Learning Page is a free site with professionally designed worksheets for the younger set. They have basics (handwriting, numbers, calendar, etc.) and themes (zoo animals, planets, oceans, reptiles and amphibians, and DINOSAURS).

I chose the worksheets that are suitable for his age, slipped them into these heavy-weight page protectors

for use with a dry-erase maker. Now he can practice the pages over and over, and I didn't just waste a lot of time printing out worksheets that he'll use up in a week! Plus, little brother can use the same book when he's ready.

There were a few worksheets in the "science" section of the Dinosaurs theme that I chose not to use, since we teach about Dinosaurs from a biblical world-view. For instance, one worksheet says "Humans and Dinosaurs never existed together. Put an X on all the humans in the picture." We won't use that one. Most of them are fine, discussing carnivores and herbivores, or whether dinosaurs can be seen in a zoo, etc.

Click here to see more ideas for learning with dinosaurs.


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