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The Rose Cake


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How awesome is this cake?

Can you believe I made it myself?

(Can you believe I didn't iron the tablecloth before I snapped a picture?)

Yes, it's SO easy. And impressive.

I made it for my daughter, who turned 15 last week.

(Of course, I had to borrow her cake decorating tools to do it, but even SHE was impressed!)

I learned how to do it here.

By the way, I didn't make homemade icing like Claudia usually does. I used 3 containers of Pillsbury Cream Cheese icing. With strawberry cake. It was deeeeeeelicious.

Oh, and don't you just love the beautiful cake stand?

Made that, too. For about $7.

See my post about that here.

Elegant and inexpensive and fun!



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