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My daughter is FIFTEEN!!!

34 Every birthday comes too soon for me, especially with my oldest. She's growing up, as children often do.

But today Claudia is turning FIFTEEN YEARS OLD! She's getting ready to get her driver's permit! She finishes school in three years! She'll soon be an adult!

The fact that there are four more children behind her keeps me from blubbering like a baby. I'm sure when Catie reaches this point I'll be a wreck.

Claudia is my creative, artistic, deep, thoughtful girl.

She loves to read, play piano, draw, paint, cook, decorate cakes, knit, and more. She has a small circle of friends, but is very close to them. She's a super help to me. She can see a situation and jump in and take over when necessary.

She's the go-to person for her little brothers when they want a cool hair style. She creates ALL of our birthday cakes. She makes a mean fettucini alfredo from scratch. She shares my love of Louis L'amour westerns.

Happy 15th Birthday to my beautiful Claudia! I love you!

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