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Meet My Students

In week 3 of the Not Back-To-School Blog Hop, we are introducing our students! I don't have formal school photos, but I do have plenty of 'life' photos!

Here is the latest picture of the group:

Claudia (12), Nathan, (17 months), Chloe (8), and Nicholas, (3).

Claudia is my artist. She loves everything 'extracurricular.' She's also a reader. Her favorite books are the Elsie Dinsmore series and historical fiction and biographies. She loves to paint, knit, sing, draw, play piano, dance, and anything else that's creative. She would like to be a fashion designer. She sketches clothing designs in her spare time. Did I mention that she recently played Leslie in a local production of The Bridge to Terebithia? That's right: she got the lead. And it was her first audition ever!

Chloe is my quiet, laid back girl. She always has this smile on! She love school. She likes to read, she likes Math, science, history, and anything else I can come up with. She LOVES workbooks and worksheets. She is a very organized thinker. She wants to be a princess when she grows up. We're on the lookout for a handsome prince for her to marry, with a castle and everything. And, like her sister, she got a great part in The Bridge to Terebithia recently, too: MayBelle. It was her first audition as well. Mama was very proud!

Next is Nicholas. After 9 years of raising girls, this little guy has changed my world! He is everything a 3 year old boy (or maybe 5 little boys) should be! He is full of life and his main goal is to have FUN! He literally hits the floor running every morning. His main interests right now are dinosaurs, sugar, cars, dirt, and legos. He loves books, and wants to 'do school' like his sisters. He's good at dot-to-dot and matching. He does NOT have the patience for coloring books. The word I hear used most by others to describe Nicholas is 'entertaining.' That about sums it up!

And finally, there's Nathan. He is like the icing on the cupcake! He is a sweet, happy, pleasant little guy. In his world, everything is good. He adores his Daddy, loves his Mommy, and is best friends with all of his siblings. He is interested in everything the other kids are doing, but his favorite things are balls, animals, and milk. If you look up sweetie-pie in the dictionary, you'll find Nathan's photo!

God gave me such a wonderful assortment of children, and I couldn't have asked for a better arrangement. Having two girls first, waiting 5 years, and then having 2 boys is a good idea! And then make sure your 4th one is a compliant, smiling, all-night sleeper. : ) God knew exactly what I needed, and I am a very blessed Mama!

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