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To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool?

34 This article was so good, I had to post it here. If you've ever even considered homeschooling, you should read this. There are many, many good reasons to homeschool, and the reasons are as varied as the families that do it.

Here are a few photos of our family during a typical day. We don't have a school room (although I'd surely loved one!). We have school at the kitchen table or on the couch. We are probably more relaxed than some families, and then maybe more structured than others. With a toddler and preschooler in the mix, it makes for interesting days!

All work and no play . . . not here! These are just a few examples of memories that are made daily. If the kids were gone all day, these things would simply be missed. Childhood is short; spend it with your children!
Here's my take on homeschooling: learning is a part of life. It should happen all the time, during "school" and otherwise. School just one part of our day. There is so much more . . .


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