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Free Phonics Resources

34 In my previous post, I explained how I taught my 2nd daughter to read with the use of free resources found online. Today I will share plenty of links!

Remember, it's not the amount of money you spend on a fancy curriculum, it's your commitment level and the time spent with your child that counts!

My only 'schoolbook' was the A Beka Handbook for Reading. To give Chloe extra practice with her new sounds, I did a search for "free phonics worksheets." Here are some sites I used over and over:

Free Phonics Worksheets (great name, huh?)
School Family
Home Education Resources

Once I had chosen all of the worksheets I wanted, I created a workbook. I assembled them in the same order that the Handbook for Reading taught the sounds, and put them in a 3-ring binder. For example, I put all the "short a" worksheets together, then the "short e" worksheets. (I did keep a couple of each set aside for later review.) Each day, after she practiced reading the sounds, I would open up the "workbook" and have her work 2-3 pages.

After the letter sounds were learned, we moved on to blends, and then words. I kept searching online for things like "first grade reading worksheets" or "free blends worksheets" until I found what I was looking for.

Once she had the basic reading principles down, she needed practice. We found Project Gutenberg, a site with full books online for free reading. I printed some of these off for her notebook, and some she read on the computer.

Here are some she read:

The Little Red Hen
Little Stories for Little Children

There are many more if you search! I also checked out easy chapter books from the library.

One other resource I used was Starfall. It's an online game that reinforces letter recognition with games and virutal books.

Being short on finances doesn't mean that your children can't excel in your homeschool! You just have to be creative.

See how Chloe is learning cursive without the use of a writing program here.

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