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Home-made Handwriting Book

My 9-year-old, Chloe, must have gotten ahead of me on the cursive writing, because before I started "formally" teaching her how, she began trying it on her own. She would occasionally ask me how to make capital "T" or "J." I wasn't prepared with a curriculum, but I had successfully used The Learning Page's printouts before for her printing practice, so I decided to do it again with cursive.

Similar to my Dinosaur Preschool Book, I printed out all of the pages I needed and slipped them individually into heavyweight sheet protectors. Now she can practice to her heart's content with dry-erase markers.

And if I notice that she's getting in a hurry in her math workbook and not writing her numbers neatly, I will have her write those over again.

Her little brother likes to use this to practice numbers, too. Or scribble.

The great part is that I can use this over and over with as many kids as I like!


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