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Weekly Menu


I've mentioned before why we have a repeating weekly menu. I first got this idea from Managers of Their Homes and have utilized it for many years. Here is our updated version:

Monday :

Breakfast * Oatmeal
Lunch * Muffin Tin Monday!

Tuesday :

Breakfast * Fruit and Yogurt
Lunch * Mac-n-Cheese

Wednesday :

Breakfast * Muffins
Lunch * Quesadillas


Breakfast * Rice
Lunch * Sandwiches or Frozen Burritos


Breakfast * Cereal
Lunch * Bagels and cream cheese


Breakfast * Pancakes or French Toast
Lunch * Leftovers

A note on Muffin Tin Monday: My kids LOVED this idea. However, it seems that not many "large" families do it, and it does take a bit more planning and work to do this for 4 kids. So, my 14-year-old daughter volunteered to make this her project. She enjoys creative kitchen work, so she is going to make a list of 4-5 themes, make a list of ingredients for the grocery store, and then assemble the meals as a surprise for the younger kids each week. Can anyone say home economics?

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