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Muffin Tin Monday #1


Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

A few weeks ago, I tried out Muffin Tin Monday with my four children. It was very simple: I just threw together whatever I had that would fit in individual muffin compartments. It was a HUGE hit! Who knew that putting the same ol' food in a different container would make lunch so much fun?

So, this week I decided to do a Valentine's Day theme. I did a little pink and red and added some chocolate. I even did red Kool-Aid (which we don't normally drink).

The menu:

The muffin pans came from various thrift stores. Since I needed 4, I cringed at paying full price for new ones. So the ones I have come in different shapes, colors, and even the number of holes.

If you'd like to see a ton of other awesome muffin-tin menus, click on the link above and join the fun!


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