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Struggles of Life


{This is Tiffany AGAIN, I’m one of Nicki’s “real life” friends.  I’ll be stoppin’ by every once in awhile to help Nicki out while she endures the worst morning sickness known to woman EVER.  Please pray for her!  She is having a rough time & could definitely use some extra prayers.  I’m sure she’d find it encouraging if you cheered her on in her comments.}

- Disabilities, financial struggles, blended families, miscarriages, foster parenting, heart-wrenching losses, sickness, births, loss of a job, single income, challenging children, teething babies, burnt cookies . . .

The list goes on & on.  These are just a few of many struggles life throws at us, but it is even harder when you are a homeschooling family.  The show must go on, right?  Not necessarily.  One of the joys of homeschooling is being able to STOP.  Stop what you are doing & take a break.  Yes, even an unplanned break is allowed.

Right now, Nicki, is experiencing one of the struggles of life – Morning Sickness!  YUCK!  If you are one of those women that can’t relate please don’t leave a comment bragging about how easy you had it – you might make the rest of us sick! 

Although, a new baby is such a wonderful blessing, morning sickness is NOT.  Each of my pregnancies have been totally different.  I have had the extreme of hugging the toilet for 20 straight weeks, to just feeling like I needed to.  I’ve powered through back-to-back pregnancies & been the woman everyone says, “where did she get her energy?”  to the woman that couldn’t roll out of bed if the house was burning down!  They have all been different.  Some harder than others.  I’ve experienced preterm labor, bedrest, & many sleepless nights.

How does a household function when mom is living in her bed or in the bathroom?  How does a homeschool family handle that mess?  (No pun intended) 

Sometimes, you have to just stop.  At times, life is a big enough lesson for our kids.  Through our struggles of life, our children have learned the importance of family & helping each other out.  It is amazing how well my children can do their chores (and some) when they have to.  It is surprising to observe how much better they get along with each other when they have to.  It is also an amazing experience for them to see God’s faithfulness.  Whether it is a deep loss or a severe sickness, if we just STOP long enough, we will see He is carrying us through the struggles of life.  God never said the cross wouldn’t get heavy, He did promise we wouldn’t have to carry it alone.

So, how do homeschool families handle life’s struggles?  We stick together as a FAMILY.  We all pitch in wherever necessary.  We don’t complain.  We don’t argue.  We take the struggle & turn it into a blessing.  We don’t worry about math or history.  We take the opportunity to teach CHARACTER.  We feed off of God’s faithfulness & STOP in order to learn from HIM.

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