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Hey Ya’ll!!!! It’s Tiffany from Rockin' C & I’m swapping blogs with Nicki today. My blog is mostly homeschool related, with activities for PreKinders, a little scrapbooking & crafts, an occasional pour my heart out moments, life in the country, and some organizational tips all mixed together. I am taking over Nicki’s blog for the day & am feeling a little out of my element. 400 Things is the place I come for politics, recipes, frugal living, Little House inspiration, & a great laugh from time to time, which is not my thang. I do however, have quite a bit in common with Nicki. BOYS being one of many.

Nicki & I just so happen to swap blogs during “D Week” at our house. Which gave me the PERFECT idea to blog on . . . something Nicki & her boys will LOVE (sorry girls – maybe next time) . . .

Humm, what do Nicki’s boys LOVE that starts with a “D”?

D, da da, Dinosaur!" DiNoSaUrs!!


The timing could not be more perfect. In fact, last week was the last week of our spring enrichment group, where Nicki taught our boys’ dinosaur class.

I have had so much fun adding to the dino adventure Nicki showed my boys in her class.

Here are some DINOmite activities we’ve done this week:


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august 730

101_2753 101_2747


august 742


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Snack Ideas:

watermelon dinosaur

Quiet time movies:

Here are some ROARING sites & ideas to check out for a fun-filled Dino adventure:


Field Trips

If you are in Texas here are some great Dino Field Trips:

Well, that sum’s it up!

Thanks Nicki for letting me take over your blog for the day!

I hope you & the boys enjoy these dinosaur activities.

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