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The New America


The Declaration of De-pendence

We hold these truths to be evident that all men/women/gender neutral/blacks/whites/hispanics/asians/muslims/homosexuals/terrorists are created equal, that they are endowed by their government with certain rights: that among these are health care, jobs, and the pursuit of welfare.

Health care 'reform' (and I use the word loosely) is on it's way to becoming law. This law will change America as we know it. All hopes for repeal and 'voting them out' aside, what does this mean to the average citizen?

One of the big promises (which will actually go into effect immediately) is doing away with pre-existing conditions. This sounds like a wonderful thing, right? No one can be denied insurance coverage, no matter what disease or life-threatening illness they have. Deathbed or no, they can be covered. So the federal government (otherwise known as YOU, the taxpayer) will shell out the funds for their care, even if they are not going to live. After a short time of paying for the care of every sick and dying person in America, the system will run out of money. When money runs short, health care will have to be cut short. It will have to be rationed to those deemed most worthy.

Who makes that decision?

Section 123(a) states "there is established a public-private advisory committee which shall be a medical panel and other experts known as the Health Benefits Advisory Committee to recommend covered benefits and essential, enhanced, and premium plans." This bill will be comprised of the following:

1) Nine non-federal employees or officers who are appointed by the President

2) Nine non-federal employees or officers appointed by the Comptroller General of the United States (a Comptroller is the financial controller)

3) Such other members (not to exceed 8) who are federal employees and officers as the President may appoint

So now, a self-proclaimed Marxist President and the Financial controller of the U.S. will be designing a medical advisory board for every citizen's health care.

So when money runs short, financial gurus will be making health care decisions. They will have been appointed by a president who admires such human-rights violators as Hugo Chavez.

Insurance companies are being vilified by the White House as evil, corrupt money hoarders. But they are in business just like the rest of us. They provide a service for a fee, and their goal is to profit from that business. They can't profit if they are paying for every single sick American's hospital bills. It's just common sense.

There are many, many more examples like this all through the health care bill. Every promise that's been made cannot be supported. And this is the largest expansion of abortion this country has ever seen.

Most of the bill won't even go into effect until 2014. Yet the money has to be collected now, so taxes will be levied immediately. Businesses will see the first hit. When a business' taxes go up, they must recoup that money. So how do they do it? They raise prices on their product or service to cover it. That means, across the board, your expenses will go up. So yes, it will affect you.

When the bill goes into full effect, you will have the opportunity to prove, to the IRS, that you have 'acceptable' health insurance coverage. If you cannot prove this, you will be fined. This fine is easy to pay. They'll simply deduct it from your income tax refund! This fine will be 1-2% of your annual income. You've got a calculator. See what that means for you.

I could go on all night. I won't. I promise. (I saw you. You just breathed a sigh of relief.) There are more pages than I've had time to read.

What's most wrong with this bill, as I've already stated, is that the U.S. Constitution does not allow the government to require Americans to purchase insurance. It is an over-reach of government power, and it's un-American. I can't say that enough.

So what's next? Watch for this same government to try to rush legislation through on immigration (i.e. allowing all illegal immigrants to instantly become legal), cap and trade (taxing you for your over use of a made-up substance), and education. If you want to understand the driving force, the thought process, behind all of this, I urge you to read Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin. It's an easy read, chock full of explanation.

Be very clear: Barack Obama does not love this country. He sees the Constitution as a barrier to 'change'. He has no respect for the freedom we cherish. He is a self-proclaimed progressive, a socialist. This goes against everything our Declaration of Independence is about. It goes against everything our founders fought for, everything for which they sacrificed their "lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor."

So how can you avoid this nightmare? Do everything you can to make sure you don't NEED government run healthcare. And don't stop fighting. The founding fathers lost many battles in the war for independence before they actually won the war.

Thank you for sticking with me through this long post full of links. There will be a quiz tomorrow. : )

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