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Global Cool-Off


I hate to say "toadja so," but Global Warming really is a hoax. I've felt it in my gut all along, but I'm no scientist, just a thinker. If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know what I've had to say about Global Warming, Population Control, and Cash for Clunkers.

Now we have hard evidence that the scientists were deliberately skewing the data to back up their claims.


The Green movement has become a huge industry. Everywhere you turn, retailers, car manufacturers, celebrities, and cartoon characters are urging you to be green. And our government is ready to be the leader in this industry, by legislating our energy use and taxing us if we use too much.

Al Gore, the Climate Change fear monger, stands to make plenty if he can just scare us all into 'going green.'

The New York Times points out that one company in which Gore invested,
Silver Spring Networks, has contracts with utilities that last week received a
combined subsidy of $560m (£340m) from the US
department. The payments, part of a total $3.4bn handed out by the federal
government to encourage the distribution of environmentally-friendly power, are
likely to be handsomely recouped by Gore and his associates.

What's most disturbing is that public policy is being made based on this hoax, and it will be funded by the taxpayers ( you and me ). The incandescent light bulb is already becoming extinct, and in a couple of short years you will only be able to buy the new fluorescent ones. Yet these contain mercury, which requires a HazMat team to clean up, should you accidentally break one. This is one small example of how the Green movement is changing our lives, and not for the better.

Now that evidence has been released, it's time to act on it and stop this movement in its tracks. Contact all of your Congressmen and women and tell them you want an investigation into all policy based on Global Warming science. Tell them you won't pay more for electricity because Al Gore is selling us a lie. Tell them NO, and then tell your friends.

It's one thing to feel in your gut that something's just not right, and try to spread the word. It's another thing to have proof that it wasn't right and then do nothing. Now we have the proof. Let's do something about it.


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