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Fall Fun


Last week in school we did a whole "Fall" day at our house. We started by reading two books: Why Do Leaves Change Color? and I Can Read About Seasons. Next, we took a nature walk in our yard and collected leaves of all colors and species. It was the absolute perfect day for this, since there was such a rainbow of different color leaves! Even the baby enjoyed collecting leaves. We also collected acorns and pecans, talking about how an acorn is a seed, and showing the little guys that you can crack open the pecans and eat what's inside.

After we came inside, each kid made a collage with their leaves. With the leftovers, Claudia made a centerpiece for our table:

My girls love to make corn husk dolls every year. This year they made a dozen, and gave them to their teachers at Enrichment Classes as a thank-you for teaching.

These are very simple to make and make great decorations. The girls said the next batch would be made into Indians, Pilgrims, and possibly even angels for Christmas. The Indians will have a simple fabric breechcloth and the Pilgrims will be dressed up with simple cloth aprons. For the angels, they decided that instead of tying the ends of the arms with string, we'll fan the arms out to make wings. We've even soaked the corn husks in water colored with food coloring to make the dresses in different colors.

We used some pecans we had in the freezer (yes, we cheated) to make a homemade pecan pie. Mmmm...mmm. That was delicious!

Fall is my favorite time of year. See the other ways we enjoy it here.

I am linking up with the Craftaholics Anonymous Fall Linky Party!


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