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An open letter to my Dad

34 My dad, who is a step-dad, but is the only dad I've ever had, (that rhymes!) is going on a Walk to Emmaus this weekend. I, along with other friends and family, was asked to write a letter to encourage him on this Walk.

I'm very proud of my Dad, so I thought I'd share him with you. He became my Dad when I was about 9 years old. He can do just about anything (and he is missing a leg, to boot!) [wait, bad choice of words]. Anyhoo, here are Mom and Daddy:

Can't you tell he's having fun? He always is. So I'd like to share with you what I shared with him:

Dear Daddy,

When I think of you, the first word that comes to mind is FUN! You have always been the fun dad. All my friends have always thought so. Now my kids think so, too.

When I see a kite, a hanglider, a snake, an airplane, a model rocket (or a model anything), I think of you. Many times when Nicholas asks me a question, my answer is, "I don't know, we'll have to ask Grandad."

You are the kind of example I want to follow, and I want my kids to follow. I appreciate the way you are very firm in your convictions (and never waver) yet you are able to be a friend to everyone.

Thank you for always being a real father to me. I couldn't have asked for a better dad, as a kid or as an adult. You have always loved me like your own, and it means a lot to me. And now, I couldn't wish for a better Grandad for my kids.

I am also impressed with the way you attract friends and admirers just by entering a room. I watch with amazement every time you go somewhere new, and leave as the life of the party! It's a quality I wish I had.

Most of all, it's your testimony and devotion to Christ that is encouraging and uplifting. I think everyone wants to be able to look to their parents for encouragement and wisdom, and I feel confident in knowing that you and Mom are, and always will be, steady in your walk with God. It is very comforting to me, and I know it will be a great legacy for your grandchildren.

I hope your Walk is blessed, and I pray for God's blessing on your life. Have a good weekend. I love you.

I know many of you out there think you have the best parents in the world, but, really, I have the best parents in the world. I love them both very much.

My parents also make a wonderful Granny and Grandad. You can read about that here.


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