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NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop: Where we have school

34 So, this week's topic is the school room. Well, I don't have one! Our house is about 1,000 square feet with 6 people, so you can imagine there's not an extra room in the house. That means we school everywhere: table, couch, living room floor, bunk beds, Mom's bed, front porch, and backyard!

Let me take you on a tour.

This is MY desk. Notice the handy roll-top? No, I won't open it. You'll just have to use your imagination. On top is my Stack-O-Books; the ones I'm currently reading.

I call this desk my "car." When I was sixteen, my grandparents, who are very generous, had scheduled a "delivery" for my 16th birthday gift. I knew something was coming, and naturally assumed it was a new car. Nope. It was this beautiful desk. I've had it all these years, and I'm sure it's lasted longer than any car I would have received.

The pictures above my desk are my "students." Aren't they cute?

Notice the handy little curtain where the chair belongs?

That's where I hide "stuff." Right now it has a tub of extra school supplies and a crate of scrapbooking supplies. It used to hold a tub of Legos and a tub of building blocks. Those tubs are now sitting on top of the high chair awaiting a new home.

This is the main bookcase with our homeschool books. It holds everything we don't use on a daily basis. Notice how nicely every book is put away. See the green-gel ant farm? Yeah. The ants are dead. They lasted about 3 months, though. It wasn't long after Nicholas dropped the entire ant farm on the wood floor that they went downhill.

This is the bookcase devoted to daily (or weekly) work. Each school-aged child has their own shelf. Since school hasn't officially started back yet, the shelves are nice and neat. Give it a week or two. The bottom shelf holds scrapbooks from a time when I used to scrapbook. Sigh...

Now, behind Curtain Number Two:

The games and puzzles cabinet. This is part of our TV stand. I simply made a curtain to hang inside the glass door and - TA-DA! Another homeschool cabinet! Again, notice how nice and neat everything is, hence the curtain.

I have homeschooled my children since they were born (going on 13 years now) and I've lived in a variety of houses with a variety of schoolroom situations. I have found that when I DID have space for a schoolroom, we didn't use it. We still wound up at the kitchen table or on the couch.
So, in my dream house, I will have a library. With a fireplace, big comfy chairs, maybe a window seat, and 4 walls covered in bookcases. And we can still have school anywhere we choose.

Read about our homeschool here, or visit my other blog, Prairie Sense, to read modern wisdom from Little House on the Prairie.


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