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NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop: A Day in the Life


This week in the hop, hosted by my3boybarians, we are sharing A Day in the Life in our homeschool.

When I started homeschooling, I had one daughter, and then two. Two little girls are easy. And quiet. And fairly orderly. So it was easy to keep to a schedule.

Now I've added two little boys. Schedule? What schedule?

I always have a schedule printed an on the fridge. But these days it becomes more of a checklist, since it's virtually impossible to stay right on target!

On a good day, it goes a little something like this:

Notice I said "on a good day," lest you think we are that well-run! A more regular day will look something like this:

Every day is different, but I try to keep the mood light so that little interruptions don't ruin our day. The little kids will grow up and then we will ask, "Where did the time go?" So we take each day as it comes. School is part of our day, but living life is our main goal.

Nevertheless, I keep making very nice-looking schedules that hang on the fridge to remind us of where I'd like us to be. Someday...

At this writing, my camera is broken and my computer with all the digital photos is sick, so I haven't included photos. But if you'd like to see a sample of photos from our day, go here.


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