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Recipe Scrapbooks

34 I'd like to thank my good friend Corinne French for this idea. She is the queen of scrapbooking, and she introduced me to scrapbook cookbooks a few years ago.

Two years ago at Christmas, I made these for my girls.

Here is Claudia's book:

This one is Chloe's:

Here are a few reasons why these are so special:
  1. Any recipe the girls like can be included. If we have a meal they especially love, they'll say, "Mom! Put this recipe in my cookbook!" I always put in their favorites.
  2. It's personalized with photos of the girls doing some cooking. I try to get photos of them in the kitchen now and then. This can be added to over the years.
  3. It's pretty! We treat it like a scrapbook, so nice-looking papers and embellishments are used.
  4. It's practical. All recipes are encased in page protectors, so they won't be damaged by flying cake mix or spilled milk!
  5. One thing I haven't done yet, but still plan to do, is to take photos of other relatives and include them on the recipe pages featuring that person's special dish.

Imagine the treasure this will be someday when the girls get married and begin their own homemaking adventures!

I have a huge binder full of recipes stuffed in page protectors, but it's not a pretty one. That may be one of my summer projects!

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