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Love Language Mini-Books


I love studying personalities and behavior. Quite a few years ago, my church did a study of "Speaking of Love" by Fred and Anna Kendall. It was such an eye-opener on behavioral languages. The information I learned has helped me to view people with a lot more patience, realizing that they don't all have to be like me. : ) By the way, if you've read the book, you'll understand when I tell you that I am a Contemplater/Shaper.

Last year, I read "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman, and also "The Five Love Languages of Children." It was a great lesson in understanding my husband. I have a long way to go in being the kind of wife he needs, but I am learning!

I wanted to have a way to remember what is important to my family members, based on the tests in these two Love Languages books, so I came up with a Love Language Mini-Book. I have made them for my girls, but the books for Randy and I will be longer, so they are still in-process.

I made a list of the answers to the girls' tests and put them together as a reminder of their desires in our relationship. It has been fun and helpful for me to flip through them from time to time.

Here is a sample of Chloe's book:

Here is a sample of Claudia's book:


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