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Why history is important


Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. - George Santayana

According to the "stimulus" bill that has been ramrodded through Congress, our elderly will not be important enough to save, should they come down with a terminal illness. The money that currently treats illnesses for the elderly would instead be spent on younger people who could benefit from the treatments for a longer period of time. Hmmm...this sounds familiar...the first step on the path to euthanasia? Hitler anyone?

This is why it is so important to learn from history. There is a trend in this country in recent years to rewrite history texts to reflect a specific political bias. It is very dangerous to pretend that some things didn't happen, just because they are unpleasant to recall. We must learn from the good and the bad, so that we don't repeat what is bad. All through history, there have been great leaders, and there have been dangerous leaders. We should teach our children about both. They should understand the mind of someone like Hitler, so they can recognize it when it reappears in our lifetime.

The children that are in school right now are the next generation of leaders. Let's teach them ALL of history, and teach them critical thinking skills that will enable them to make right decisions, and teach them to discern wisdom from foolishness, for the time when they run our congress, our courts, our schools, our health care institutions, and our businesses.

May God bless America.

For more on how we can learn from our history, read Rebellion. For a common sense look at how our American forefathers lived, visit my other blog, Prairie Sense.

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