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17th Century World History Homeschool Curriculum


17th Century History Curriculum

After a few years with Sonlight (which I loved and highly recommend), I decided to "wing-it" with history in our homeschool. For the past 2-3 years I have created my own curriculum, and finally decided to share it with you! Read my full post on Our History Curriculum to understand how we use it.

The 17th Century is such an exciting time to study! The Renaissance is wrapping up, exploration of the world is still exploding, modern science is growing, and new worlds and civilizations are being born. We will cover Shakespeare (whose main works and his death were in the 1600s), the beginnings of America (my FAVORITE part of history!), Galileo, Isaac Newton, Pilgrim’s Progress, Pirates, and many other notable historic facts.
My current students are 5, 8, 10, and 15. These are widely varied ages, I know, so the approach to each topic will be different depending on the student. Since my oldest student will graduate in a couple of years, this will be our last time to cover the 1600’s to modern era, so she will study more in-depth than the younger children.

How we do it: Using this timeline, I read through Story of the World (SOTW) and other history books, stopping for videos, literature, and hands-on activities as they arise.  For this century we are adding a more formal History Timeline/Notebook/Smashbook which will include a foldable timeline and sections for History & Geography, Science, Literature, and The Arts. Costumes, food, and field trips round out the fun! Photos of completed lessons to come.

I have provided links to books we use, as well as websites with printables. This list is not at all exhaustive, but it covers the main points discussed in Story of the World, Volume 3 and The Light and the Glory, as well as a few extra events I wanted to cover with my children.

As noted above, my students vary widely in ages and abilities, and this list includes resources for the whole family.

Your family may want to explore some topics more than others, or skip a few, or add in more. Just have fun with it. I share this as a help to myself (so I can easily link from my iPad during school) and to share my ideas and sources for others who wish to “wing-it” in their homeschool.

There is no set time limit on this study. We just go with the flow.

(Links in RED. ** notes my top favorites!)

So...let's begin!

Main History Spine: Story of the World Volume 3, and Activity Book
Story of the World timeline figures from Tending Our Lord's Garden
The Light andthe Glory (for high school) and The Light and the Glory for Children (for the elementary age)
Usborne Book of World History for younger students
Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of World History for older students
History of Britain
Draw and Write Through History: Pilgrims, Pirates, and Patriots

Usborne IL Encyclopedia: p. 296-297, 304-307
Usborne Book of World History p. 146-147

List of Renaissance Festivals to visit
Medieval, Renaissance, and Pirate Faire Directory

William Shakespeare- 1564-1616

(Read my full post here on teaching Shakespeare at home)

**Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare by Usborne
**Shakespeare Lesson Plans at About.com/Education (free)
**The Shakespeare Encyclopedia by A.D. Cousins
**Great Scenes from Shakespeare’s Plays (Dover Coloring Book)
A Shakespearean Tale by S. A. Cranfill
How to Talk Like Shakespeare at Writers Write
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare online at Many Books (free)
Teaching Shakespeare to Kids at Kids Love Shakespeare
See an example of a Globe Theatre replica
Shakespeare Plays with modern translation series
The Play’s the Thing board game
YouTube Video: Animated fly-through 17th Century London
Lego Hamlet on YouTube
Lego The Tempest on YouTube
Alan Rickman reciting Sonnet 130 on YouTube
Romeo and Juliet paper doll costumes and here
Try to watch a live play, or at least a movie of a play (original scripts!)
There’s lots more on my Shakespeare Pinterest Board!

other –
Shakespeare’s Life and Times Activity Book

Galileo 1564-1643

Along Came Galileo by Jeanne Bendick
Galileo learning ideas from Teach Beside Me
Galileo For Kids book on Amazon
Movie Learning Guide from Teach with Movies
Galileo’s Telescope children’s books
Draw a Telescope from Draw and Write Through History (Vikings, Middle Ages, and the Renaissance)
This is a good time to talk about (or jump all in to) Astronomy
Other topics include the thermometer, pendulum clock
The New Way Things Work pgs 42, and 186-189

Usborne IL Encyclopedia p. 314-315

The New World

1600: History/Literature: Sackett’s Land by Louis L’amour – historical fiction coinciding with Jamestown and Plymouth (You can read all about teaching history with Louis L'amour here)

1602: Dutch East India Company Formed
Usborne IL Encyclopedia p. 310-311
Elizabethan Men’s Fasion at DeviantArt
DIY Coffee Filter “Ruff”
Make a snood
Sewing patterns for Elizabethan costumes here and here and here and here and here and here
Elizabethan Era paper dolls and paper men

1603 Queen Elizabeth dies and King James VI of Scotland becomes King James 1 of England
1605 – Australia is discovered by the Dutch
Australia mini-unit at The Pinay Homeschooler
Usborne Book of World History p. 156-157
Usborne IL Encyclopedia p. 326-327
1607 – Jamestown
1608 - Champlain
1610 – Hudson
1611 – King James Bible
1614 – Pochahontas marries John Rolfe
SOTW3 – Chapters 1 – 3
Light and the Glory (regular and kid’s versions) Chapter 4: Jamestown
SOTW: Chapter 7 – Jamestown, Tobacco, Slaves (Colonial America coloring book p. 28)
Usborne IL Encyclopedia p. 34-325
Hudson and Champlain: Colonial Coloring Book p. 26
American Family of the Colonial Era Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney
Life in Colonial America Coloring Book by Peter F. Copeland p. 2-3,11-12,
Pocahontas by Ingri & Edgar Parin d’Aulaire
Pocahontas paper dolls
Movie: The New World
American Indian paper dolls 

Usborne Book of World History p. 148-150
Usborne IL Encyclopedia p. 320-323

1616: Sir Walter Raleigh searches for the New World

1620: Pilgrims Sail to America
The Light and the Glory (all versions) Chapters 5-6
The Light and the Glory activity book for all
Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford
Reclaiming History (Pilgrims) Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3
What the Pilgrims Did at 400Things
Character of the Puritan Fathers at 400 Things

Costume Patterns for Pilgrims and Colonials here,
Costume Patterns for Indians here,
Make a Paper Pilgrim Bonnet, A Paper Pilgrim Hat, and Indian Headdress
Keep the littles busy with this Pilgrims PreK printable pack
Thanksgiving printable timeline for younger students
The Worship of the American Puritans by Horton Davies
Make Marshmallow Pilgrim Hat Cookies
Make a Mayflower Ship
Thanksgiving Activity from No Time for Flashcards
Virtual Field Trip: Walk Through Plymouth at Scholastic
Pilgrim Stories by Margaret Pymphrey
If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620
Sarah Morton’s Day by Kate Waters
Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims by Rush Limbaugh
Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving by Eric Metaxas
The Thanksgiving Primer
Focus on the Family Radio Theater: Squanto
Dover Coloring Book: Life in Colonial America
Dover Coloring Book: The Story of the Pilgrims
First Thanksgiving Sticker Activity Book
Blue Feather’s Vision
Visit MayflowerHistory.Com for a wonderful list of Mayflower passengers, primary documents, and much, much more.
Visit Plimouth Plantation

1620: To the Far Blue Mountains by Louis L’amour
1620s: The Warrior’s Path and Jubal Sackett by Louis L’amour

Rembrandt’s Art Career 1626-1660
Rembrandt: Art History for Kids on YouTube
Rembrandt: Art Lessons for Children at Hub Pages
Art Masterpieces to Color: Aristotle Contemplating Bust of Homer

1624: SOTW Ch 6 – Manhattan Island
Life in Colonial America coloring book p. 9
Usborne IL Encyclopedia p. 310-311

1628: Light and the Glory (both versions) Ch. 8
The Worship of the American Puritans by Horton Davies

SOTW Ch. 12 – Oliver Cromwell, Puritans
SOTW Ch. 8 – Middle East and Persia (Ottoman Turks)
Usborne Book of World History p. 142-143
Usborne IL Encyclopedia p. 298-301

1618-1648: SOTW Ch. 8 – Thirty Years’ War
Usborne IL Encyclopedia: p.308-309
Usborne Book of World History p. 144
SOTW Ch. 10 – Japan, China
Make a Zen garden
Japan paper dolls and paper men
SOTW Ch. 11 – India/Taj Mahal
India paper doll costumes
Usborne Book of World History p. 152-155

1650’s – 1660’s – Vermeer Artist Study
Masterpieces to Color: Girl With a Pearl Earring
1660 Masterpieces to Color: Diego Velasquez – Infanta margarita
1660-1675 Masterpieces to Color: Murillo – The Little Fruit Seller

1660-1730 – Golden Age of Piracy

Costume patterns here, here, here, here (we’ve made this one twice),
See Inside the Age of Pirates
DK Eye Wonder Pirate
Connections: Pirates (unit study at Homeschool Share)
Pirates of the Carribean (movie)
Pirates Unit Study at The Homeschool Mom (approx ages 8-13) -
Ch 4 – Landmark History of the American People (How British Laws made Smugglers and Pirates)
Ch 6 – True Stories of Pirates – Captain Kidd
Pirates Theme Page at Enchanted Learning
1575 – Cervantes brothers escape Corsairs (True Stories of Pirates)
Dover Coloring Book: Pirates and Bucaneers
Dover Coloring Book: Blackbeard and Other Notorious Pirates
Draw and Write Through History: Pilgrims, Pirates, and Patriots
Usborne Book of World History p. 161
Make Spanish Dubloons (SOTW Activity Book ch. 1)

1664 –Plague in England
1666 - Great Fire of London
1667 – Paradise Lost by John Milton

SOTW Ch. 13: Louis XIV, Cardinal Richelieu
Usborne IL Encyclopedia p. 312-313
Usborne Book of World History p. 158-159

1687: The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth Speare

1675: SOTW Ch 15 – King Phillip’s War
The Light and the Glory Ch. 9

1678: Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyon

The Family Pilgrim’s Progress by Jean Watson
Lots of great extras for reading Pilgrim’s Progress at ThielAcademy

Music – Harps begin to be used in orchestras and the recorder becomes popular in England

Isaac Newton- 1643-1727

Isaac Newton by John Hudson Tiner (Sower Series books)
Newton’s Laws of Motion Word Search at Education.com
Isaac Newton Unit Study at Garden Of Praise
Newton’s First Law of Motion animated video by Smart Learning for All
See Newton’s Principia Mathematica online
Explore Physics with this fun book: Issac Newton’s Physics for Kids
A History of Scientists Who Were Christians: Isaac Newton on YouTube
Physics101 – The 101 Series

John Locke 1632-1704 (Influenced the American Revolution)

1673 -Anton van Leeuwenhoek

Antony van Leeuwenhoek: Creation “Magnified” Through His Magnificent Microscopes

Leeuwenhoek microscope pictures

The Light and the Glory Ch. 10-11

1682 SOTW Ch. 17 – Russia/Peter the Great
Usborne IL Encyclopedia p. 316-317
Usborne Book of World History p. 145
1683 SOTW Ch. 18 – Ottoman Turks March West
         SOTW Ch. 19 – British in India
Usborne IL Encyclopedia p. 328-329

1692 – Salem Witch Trials
The Light and the Glory Ch. 12
The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Check out my World History: 17th Century Pinterest Board for these and many more links! If you have any questions, please comment below.


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