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Prairie Sense

34 Every time I read the Little House on the Prairie books (and yes, I still read them regularly), I am overwhelmed with excitement! What's so exciting about people living on the prairie?

The Ingalls family were loving, kind, funny, and hardworking people. They helped to open up the West, and did it while living a relatively normal life! They raised children in a covered wagon, amid Indian threats, through blizzards, in a dugout, through grasshopper plagues, sometimes with no neighbors or nearby towns. Through it all they developed strong character. Laura gave us TONS of useful information, unforgettable stories, and a valuable firsthand look at an exciting time in American history.

Everytime I read (or listen to) these books, I gain some new application to my life, and modern life in general. And of course, I blog about it! So, hop on over and visit my other blog, Prairie Sense, for all things Little House!

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