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A Pink Birthday Party


Last week we had a birthday party. Our little Catie-Pie turned 3, and she LOVES pink. Since her birthday is in December, we went with a Winter/Christmas theme. For the third year in a row. : )

It all started when her big sisters started making intricate paper snowflakes during family reading time. They got the instructions on Pinterest. The snowflakes were so pretty, I wanted to decorate with them! From there, we added the idea of pink and white paper chains.

Aren't they pretty?

Claudia and Chloe made pink strawberry cake balls with edible glitter. Oh, my; these were delicious!

The happy birthday girl!

I found these yummy little snacks to go with the pink/strawberry theme. They are GOOD.

Catie had three guests besides her family, and she got such fun little gifts for her baby dolls.

Catie did not want to blow out her candles, so she requested help from Claudia.

Since her world revolves around caring for her baby dolls and stuffed animals, I could not resist this cute little book:

The Melissa and Doug dress-up Bear Family was a huge hit!

For party favors, we gave a baby-doll bottle and a handmade cloth doll diaper. I found the pattern here, and it was a very easy little project to make.

Did I mention this party was done on a dime? We used printer paper for the snowflakes, scrapbook paper and printer paper for the paper chains, and fabric scraps for the diapers. The tablecloth and baby bottles were $1 each at the dollar store. Add in cake mix, icing, pink juice, and goldfish, and you have a very easy, inexpensive birthday party!


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