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Where am I in the World?

34 I did a really fun activity with my boys (5 and 7) today. I saw a similar idea Pinterest (but it had no links) and decided it was a perfect introduction to geography for my 5 year old, and a good review activity for my 7 year old.

The pages, in order, are:

Our House - Google search with lots of "house" pages; we found one very close to our house

Our town - cute town found here; there are also cities available

Our state - this site had our state with counties, so the boys also found our county and labeled (by coloring) it

Our Country - we used this outline map of the USA and labeled our state

Our World - with this map, they labeled the USA; you could also add the continent here

Our Universe - this easy print of the solar system was used to label Earth and the sun

As they colored each page, we discussed where this "place" is, both forward and backward. When completed, all the pages were stapled in order and we walked through them. Both boys enjoyed the "a-ha!" moment when they saw where we live, from Earth, to country, to state, to town, to our house.

This will be part of a lapbook on maps, geography, and following directions.


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