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Displaced Warriors

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I just finished devouring enjoying my latest copy of Above Rubies and found myself  repeatedly exclaiming "YES!" to the article Are we Raising Wimps or Warriors? You need to go and read it because I could not have said it better myself.

I think of this topic often with my little boys. I want them to be warriors. I know that the instinct to be strong, to be tough, and to fight is part of their very being. I will admit that it drives me to distraction almost daily! But I remind myself that God made them like this, to grow into strong, courageous protectors.

Oddly enough, in order to have peace, we often must first have war. Without willing soldiers and warriors, who would fight tyranny? Who would overthrow the oppressors? Who would bring about revolution? Read your histories and tell me who did the mighty deeds?

Yet, our society has succeeded in making war (and warriors) evil. We have feminized every area of our culture, including our military. We have prized gender neutralization. The differences between the sexes have become blurry, causing confusion.

The result? A generation of violent boys and men who were born with a God-given desire for strength and dominion that has no purpose or direction. Instead of seeking to fight for good or to protect, they have become the oppressors. They have become bullies, gang members, and worse. They find their satisfaction in simulated fighting on the TV screen. And on the other end of the spectrum, weapons in any form are banned in public places. Guns are downright evil.

And the boys who haven't resorted to evil are too often ... yes, wimps. Not necessarily in the sense that they don't wield a sword, but in their character. Too few now stand up in defense of right. The sacrifice is just too great. They have grown too comfortable.

But I will say it again: boys are meant to be warriors! They are born with the desire to be tough and to fight so that they can protect and defend the weak. They are meant to be world-changers! They are meant to slay dragons! Oh, how my own boys would love to slay a dragon!

This desire that is so evident in young boys can, and desperately needs to be cultivated. With the proper encouragement and direction, they can be mighty men who God will use to protect, defend, and save an entire generation. They may defend their country on a battlefield, or defend the Gospel from a pulpit, or protect our Constitution as a politician, or simply train another generation of warriors.

Where does it start? I don't have all the answers, but I know that the pride in my son's face when he kills a scorpion for his sister makes him stand a little taller. Encourage the little acts of bravery now, and try not to completely tame the way they play. (Encourage them to take the noise outside for your sanity!) Praise their chivalry toward ladies and girls. Read them stories of the real heroes of old. Help them to see themselves as warriors in God's kingdom. Read the above article to your boys and give them some big shoes to fill.


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