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The "Senior" Year

34 As we embark on a SENIOR YEAR for the first time in our homeschool, I'm looking at what could be a very short time left to prepare my daughter for the rest of her life. It's a little scary, and a whole lot sentimental!

A typical senior year includes things like senior pictures, a ring, a trip, college visits and entrance exams, and a graduation ceremony. But since we are anything but typical, we're going to tweak this area of our lives, too!

I recently shared about my daughter's alternative choices after high school (and her current school schedule) and how she is embarking on her own business venture. Because of these two factors, her senior year looks a little different than most, even among homeschoolers.

She is about to finish her Biology course and Constitution course. That will leave just History and Algebra.

I have recently added Business Math. We are using a real-life curriculum. : ) Her Origami Owl business provides plenty of hands-on learning about costs and profits, keeping records, customer service, and more. Business is already booming, so it is keeping her plenty busy! We are watching Dave Ramesy's Financial Peace University together as a family (well, everyone 13 and over!).

Finally, she has begun an intensive study of Polished Cornerstones by Doorposts. This is an excellent book for young ladies, which I have not used regularly until now. But the topics and lessons are an absolute perfect fit for the goals we have for our daughters. She includes Bible and catechism, as well as reading.

As far as the typical senior stuff goes, we will do senior pictures and participate in a graduation ceremony with our local support group. I am also working on a photo book compiling all the photos I have of my daughter in various homeschooling activities.

I hope to make the most of the time I have left as a hands-on mother with my oldest, and send her into adulthood well-prepared for whatever God has for her!

I would love to hear of any special things you've done for your graduates-to-be! Comment below:

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