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When Faith is All You Have

34 I spoke last week about some times in my past that we lived completely on faith. If you have never been here, it sounds scary. In fact, "not knowing" is one of the biggest fears people have. It drives us to make decisions that we might not necessarily choose under normal circumstances.

I want to share with you a snapshot of a time when I lived for months "not knowing" and depending on God one day at a time. This was during my time as a single mom, without a home, and earning very little money.

July 22, 2003
Yesterday I spent my last $10 on gas because my tank was empty. I knew I needed to go to work for 3 more days and make one trip out of town for my girls. We were running out of groceries, too. So as I drove home from work, I just told God all my needs and asked Him to provide in His way. I didn't tell anyone my situation. 

This morning, my grandmother called and said, "Good morning! I just called to see if you needed any money for the week? I mean to ask you last night and forgot about it." I smiled and told her, "Yes, thank you!"

July 28, 2003
We have been living in Mom and Daddy's 2nd home for almost a year now. Our daily prayer is to have our own home. We have prayed this every night for many months. I stressed that I wanted whatever God wanted for us, at a price I could afford.

Two weeks ago I took a leap and made a bid on the greatest little house in Mom's neighborhood.  It is a cute little cabin surrounded by woods and a creek, and Army Corps land on two sides. It's perfect! I sought my grandad's advice on making a bid and prayed for wisdom. We submitted a bid for $57,726 and waited. It took two weeks, at which point I was about to give up, thinking someone else won the bid. Then, this afternoon, the realtor called and announced I was the winning bidder! What a surprise!

How cute is this?

I was just in shock that I should beat out 3 other bidders. But I had prayed for God to direct where we should live. He didn't just provide a little duplex or a run down fixer-upper. He gave me the house of my dreams!

July 30, 2003
For several months I have prayed with the girls that I could somehow stay home from work and still be able to pay the bills. This has been my urgent, daily request. I knew my part-time job at the hospital was coming to an end, so I just asked my boss how long she would be needing me. She said that she'd like to keep me for awhile, 2 days a week, but if I wanted, I could do my work (transcription) from home! She said she didn't want me to have to drive so far and understood how expensive child care could be. Well, of course the girls and I were very excited! This is exactly what I had prayed for!

August 6, 2003
While I was thanking God for the chance to do transcription at home, I kept asking that He provide whatever I was going to need to get into a house and pay my expenses. Today at work, the human resources director at the hospital approached me in the hall and asked if I would be interested in some transcription for the hospital administrator. It would be normal typing work (letters, manuals, etc.) I asked if it was work I could do from home, and of course it was! Now I've had two offers to work from home!

August 9, 2003 
My grandad told me about a new scrapbook store opening in a nearby town. It was on the town square and had only been open for a week. I immediately got the inspiration to call and offer my services as a teacher for in-store classes.

I called and spoke to the owner. She said she didn't have anyone teaching classes, but would love to offer them. So I made arrangements to meet with her over the weekend. She was so nice, and so happy to give me the opportunity to teach. She basically gave me the freedom to teach any style of scrapbooking I chose, and allowed me to set my own class fees. I will get to keep all my class fees and just purchase my own supplies for the class. I told her that I prefer to work every other weekend when my girls are gone to stay with their dad. That was great with her.

So now I have a third job that does not require me to leave my kids home with a sitter! And I actually get to earn money while scrapbooking!

September 5, 2003
As I figured my budget, I did have enough to pay my bills with nothing left over. I just asked God to provide what I would need. In just a couple of hours, my mom handed me a check for $100 and told me to keep half and send the other half to my sister. 

"My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

September 6, 2003
With the purchase of the new house about to be finalized, I wondered where I would get the money to pay for deposits for utilities on my meager income. So just outlined  my specific needs in prayer and went on with my day.

I was visiting with my grandparents and my grandmother just asked me, "How much will you need for closing costs? Let me know what you'll need for deposits and such and I'll get it to you."

Obviously by now I'm realizing that I can give up control of my life and wait on God. He does things I would never have imagined! Who would think that a single mom could actually continue to stay home and raise her children, while earning money? 

Who would think that I could get a cute little 2-story cabin in the woods, surrounded by wildlife, within walking distance of my parents and grandparents, with plenty of space for sewing, homeschooling, and crafts for just $57,000?

Who would  have guessed that my 6-year long hobby of scrapbooking would eventually turn into a job? 

I have learned that with God all things are possible [Mark 10:27], and if I delight myself in the Lord, He will give me the desires of my heart [Psalm 37:4]. 

I am so glad that I kept a record of these times. It reminds me of specific instances where God has provided, and it is a testimony to my children.

But tell to the generation to come the praises of the Lord and His strength and wondrous works that He has done. -Psalm 78:4
I even made this journal into a little scrapbook of sorts to preserve for future generations.

I encourage you to "fall back" on God, let Him carry your burdens and provide for your needs, and also keep a journal of His provision!


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