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Read-Aloud Time

34 Since we use Sonlight with our 5 children, there is lots of read-aloud time each school-day. It's a very enjoyable time for both mom and kids. Depending on the day and the books, we will read for 1-2 hours in the afternoon.

The kids are allowed to do something quiet with their hands while I read. Their choices vary: drawing, coloring, building, sewing, knitting, etc.

Here's a sample of last week's projects during our read-aloud time:

Chloe's "Ariel"

Nathan's block tower (and various child-messes in the background!)

Claudia's hand-sewn quilt blocks

There is always some Lego construction going on

And apparently Catie took a few selfies when I was reading

The older girls have finished many projects during our reading time, and the little kids are able to sit still and listen while their hands are busy. Almost daily, I am asked to read "just a little more!"

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