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34 Such a hot topic lately, and divisive, even among Christians and families. There are such varied definitions of modesty and even more varied opinions. After reading and hearing discussions in my local homeschool group, Facebook posts, links, and articles devoted to this subject, one thing has become very clear: our approach to modesty must always be heavily sprinkled with humility.

In our home, modesty has been an easy, ongoing discussion over many years. We (my daughters and I) talk about what might or might not be appropriate to wear, what to show or not to show, and how it affects others. Instead of cut-and-dry rules about necklines and skirt length, we look at each item of clothing that we like and determine if it's modest for our family's values.

This constant discussion over many years has served my daughters well. They are now 12 and 16 and they are very discerning about their clothing choices, and rarely even ask me, "Is this okay?" There has never been a fight over something they wanted to wear, because the conviction is now theirs.

This week I am soooooo excited to share an eBook written by my real-life friend Bambi (visit her blog In the Nursery of the Nation) on this very subject! The title alone says so much: More Than Rules. I haven't gotten far into the book yet, and all I can say is WOW. Prepare to be inspired and convicted!

And don't be deceived into thinking that our home is all peaceful girls in flowing dresses. There are also two little brothers whose wardrobe choices resemble that of Indians on the frontier! Like I said, our discussions are ongoing. : )

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