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Think outside . . . the miracle of modern medicine

34 For many years I haved asked questions that seem to have no answers.

Why do we need expensive supportive shoes for running? Didn't God design our bodies for running, jumping, walking, and sprinting? Did he provide shoes to Adam and Eve?
Why do all children seem to have crooked teeth and need braces? Have people always had crooked teeth? If not, why?
It seems that modern science (and/or modern medicine), under the guise of making our lives better, is  actually making us sicker. (Is that a word?)
You might argue that modern medicine has found ways to cure heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and a host of other problems. But why do we need these cures? Why, if we have the most modern medicine in history, are we also the sickest people in history?
Why is cancer so prevalent? Why are teeth crooked? Why do we need chiropractors? When did we decide that people can't run without $100 shoes? Didn't the American Indian run barefoot???

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Since when is wheat bad for you? Why are we living in the gluten free age?
Why is skin cancer at an all time high, despite the invention of sunscreen?
Well, I'm glad to find I'm not the only one who asks these questions.
I've been researching (off and on) this kind of thing for years. I still don't know why people can't eat wheat or peanut butter, but my guess is that it's in the processing, not in the food itself. I'm not sure why we need expensive shoes, but I'm pretty sure diet is related to spinal degeneration. In fact, I think diet is related to everything.
That's the hard part. Changing our diet back to something that Moses would recognize, instead of what we can purchase at our local grocery store.
I have found some interesting information, and I'm happy to share it with you.

This book is being shipped to me as I type, but I believe it answers my questions about dental health and crooked teeth. It came highly recommended.

My new favorite blog, Frugally Sustainable, has a great article on natural sun protection and a recipe for homemade sunscreen. She talks about how our diet (!) can make our skin healthier with natural protection from sunburn. You should really read the whole blog. It's very informative.

This blog also has a recipe for homemade toothpaste (I've made some, but not this recipe). Again, the article and the comments are well worth reading.

One day, while I was at my local library, the book Sexy Forever by Suzanne Somers caught my eye. The subtitle is How to Fight Fat after Forty. The first half of the book talks about the dangers of chemicals in every part of our lives. It's a great first look at this topic if it's new to you. It's also a great reminder, even if you've known for awhile. And I have known this all my life, thanks to my "granola" parents. : ) The second half of the book is all about selling her products. But it's worth checking out at the library for free.

I've also read, and can't find the link right now, that food allergies can be traced to dehydration. Imagine if that is true. Water. Could it be the answer?

I'm sure you've watched the documentaries Food, Inc. and the like. I believe, wholeheartedly that everything we eat is linked to how we feel. I also believe that ancient, natural remedies are the only way to go.

Please, read the links I've shared, do your own research, and share your favorite methods for getting and staying healthy!

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