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So Much More Than a Healthcare Bill

There is much talk right now about the Supreme Court's decision to uphold Obamacare this week. Liberals are elated. Conservatives are disgusted. And a few are trying to find the silver lining.

The problem is, there is no silver lining. All three branches of government failed the American people. The Consitution was ignored in the interests of a few in power. True freedom was trampled further into the mud while socialism, an experiement that has had literally no success elsewhere, is introduced to Americans as the greatest, most compassionate program ever invented.

I've seen and heard many suggest that when Chief Justice Roberts changed the language of the law from a "mandate" to a tax, he gave us the open door for easily voting it down in Congress. If he was trying to do us a favor, why didn't he cast the deciding vote against the law and let it end there?

Probably the best description of what happened with this decision, and one I agree with 100%, was shared by Rick Boyer, and actually written by his son. This is about so much more than healthcare; it's about America as we know it. Here is Rick Boyer, Jr.'s response in full:

Today is a historic day in what used to be America. It caps a historic several months in which we have learned many things we used to think were not true. How will I tell my children, Luke, Melody and Michael, what America used to be like? And how can I look them in the face for allowing it to go this far? Here are a few things we have learned:

1. Congress does not matter. Forget what you learned in civics class about “how a bill becomes a law.” Now Congress, the elected representatives of the people, votes DOWN amnesty for illegal aliens, and the President simply imposes the defeated bill by executive order.

2. When a President is determined enough, he – one man- can exercise absolute power. The Constitution is immaterial. Never mind that the First Amendment guarantees that “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the free exercise of religion.” Now one man can decree that those who believe abortion is taking a human life must, with their tax dollars and insurance plans, provide free abortifacient pills to others. So much for freedom of religion. So much for the Constitution. So much for a Republic; King George III could only dream of this kind of power.

3. Trusting the Supreme Court to defend the Constitution against a runaway President and Congress is a vain hope. It will never happen.

4. Believing that simply “electing Republicans” will save liberty is a fantasy that makes Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny look like scientific certainties. Justice Ginsburg, the ex-ACLU lawyer who wrote the health care dissent arguing that the Court did not go far enough in stretching federal power into every aspect of our lives, was confirmed to the Court by 96 Senators. Chief Justice Roberts, the deciding vote, was a Bush appointee.

5. Federal government power over your life is now unlimited, or as we used to say in America, Totalitarian. For this lesson, I simply quote Justice Scalia’s dissent: To allow the federal government the power to require Americans to buy a product they do not wish to buy “is to make mere breathing in and out the basis for federal prescription and to extend federal power to virtually all human activity.” Or put another way, If Obamacare is constitutional, “The Government was invited . . . to suggest what federal controls over private conduct . . . could not be justified . . . It was unable to name any.”

You heard that correctly. The federal government now believes it has the authority to tell you to do ANYTHING AT ALL, for any reason. The Constitution no longer protects you. You no longer live in a free country. Our government has evolved from one of limited power to one of absolutely unlimited power. Any freedom you possess today is only because the government hasn’t yet decided to take it away. And that is the government’s own view.

What is the ultimate lesson from today, and from the last several months of this administration’s tyranny and the Republicans’ impotent response?

THIS: We as individual freedom-loving Americans have exactly TWO CHOICES.

1. We can consign our children to living in a dark night of tyranny, where the words “the land of the free and the home of the brave” are a mere mockery, a shadowed memory.

2. We can, YOU CAN, I CAN, each make the individual choice that taking back our country is OUR GOD-GIVEN RESPONSIBILITY TODAY. We can elevate our participation in our system of government to a priority below only that of our allegiance to God, our family, and our responsibility to provide for that family. NOTHING ELSE IS THIS IMPORTANT!

And I don’t mean “go to the polls for 10 minutes every November to vote for the lesser evil." I mean get involved in your political party; get involved in the process by which candidates are nominated; recruit lovers of liberty to run for office, from the local level all the way to Washington. Donate to those candidates. Forget “I don’t put up signs or bumper stickers.”

RUN FOR OFFICE! COMMIT YOURSELF to an unswerving dedication to removing from office EVERY POLITICIAN who votes to increase any further the size and scope of government in your life, from tax-raising city councils and county Boards of Supervisors, to tyrannical Presidents and corrupted Republican Senators who vote to put the likes of Justice Ginsburg on the High Court.

Those are the choices. If you are too busy to be involved, if the distracting pursuits of daily life are “too much” for me to be involved, if sports, TV, free time, weekends are STILL more important to us, after all we’ve learned these last couple of months, we are unworthy of the blood of those who tramped shoeless through the snow of Valley Forge; the Bedford Boys whose lifeblood stained the beaches of Normandy; and the men who staked their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” to give us the freedom we “don’t have the time” to preserve.

Your children will bless you or curse you based on your response to today. There is no third option but fantasyland. We WILL take back our country, or our children will live in slavery. We can fight, or liberty will die. As for me, I WILL FIGHT!

Rick Boyer Jr.

I will say it again: there is nothing good that can come from this.

However, I am not all negative. : ) I think we have one of the best solutions because of our foundation. The very Constitution that is being violated also provides the answers we will need to free ourselves from this mess.

This is tyranny, plain and simple. It's taxation without representation. It's the very yoke from which our wise founding fathers freed themselves and future generations. They, and their ancestors before them, recognized tyranny when they saw it, and ran from it. The founders threw off that yoke with much toil, blood, and pain and set up a system of government of the people to keep the power out of the hands of the powerful.

If we hold on to what we have been given, we can preserve that form of government. Not only is it important for America, it's important to the world. America has long been a light to darker nations, and a force for freedom and democracy for opressed people.

For 200+ years people all around the world have fled tyranny and opression to come here. They fled even before we were a country, and certainly after our freedom was secure. They came for opportunity, religious freedom, economic freedom, and yes, even medical freedom. They came here to escape the Nazis, communism, and persecution in many forms. America sends missionaries around the world to carry the gospel of Christ to those who have never heard it.

There is so much at stake, and it is so easy to fix. Please don't just shake your head in disgust and then go on about your day. Spread the word. Share this message. Contact your friends and family and make sure they are registered to vote and educated on the issues. Don't be a part of the problem. Be a part of the revolution.

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