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It's Not About Me

34 With the recent passing of my Dad, sadness and tears are a constant companion. He was very dear to all of us, and everytime we talk about him, it's bittersweet. He had such an influence on us and everyone around him, and he is terribly missed.

I'll be honest. Some days I ask, "Why me?" Or "Why do my kids have to miss out on their Grandad?" Actually, my children have lost all of their grandfathers, which leads me to further despair and wonder. So, you can imaging the pity I sometimes feel for myself and my family.

But God gently reminded me this week that this is not about me, or my children, or even my mom. Daddy served his purpose here on earth and has received his just reward. He was welcomed into paradise, no doubt, with the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Lord."

Daddy is in the presence of the Most High God, walking on streets of gold, worshipping at the throne of Jesus. He has received the reward promised to all servants of the King. He lives in a mansion prepared for him by Jesus Himself. He has been reunited with family members who passed on before.

When I envision such grandness, how can I continue to make it about me?

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