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Chicken Pox

Did I forget to mention we had the chicken pox?

Oh, yes, we certainly had them.

Nathan was first. Just after he turned 4 in March, he broke out. He took it very well, hardly even mentioning the itch.

Nathan and the pox
After 14 days had come and gone, I figured the other two little ones wouldn't get it. But late in the evening of the 14th day, Nicholas complained of fever. And then broke out.

Catie and Nicholas ast their worst.
Catie joined him with the worse case any of my kids ever had.

I worried that it would get inside her eyes, because it was so close, but she was spared that misery. However, she and Nicholas both were very itchy and unhappy.

(The older two kids had the pox at a young age.)

Did I mention we spread the pox at our homeschool co-op? Twice? Yep. Luckily, our homeschool group is full of old-fashioned moms who would rather get the pox than vaccinate for them, so we actually had friends come to our house hoping to get infected. I'm happy to report that we infected quite a few families, and now they are immune. : )

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