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Preserve, Protect, and Defend

34 This is the reason I started blogging almost three years ago: to expose to as many people as possible the threats to our freedom.

It's real, and here's the proof:

"...act without additional Congressional authorization..."

When a President takes the Oath of Office, he swears to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

The Constitution clearly states that the Congress has the power to make laws, not the President. Obama does not have the right to "act without additional Congressional authorization," and just saying those words should have him in hot water with both the media and the Congress.

We have a balance of power for a reason. The Founding Fathers knew, based on experience, that a single person holding the power simply didn't work.

Want more? Jesse Jackson, Jr., Congressman from Illinois, is calling for "extra-constitutional" measures and "administrative" power. Read the article and watch the interview here. He advocates calling for a state of emergency to pass a jobs bill that would allow the Federal Government to directly hire thousands of people. Hire them to do what?

Here's where I might lose a few of you because you'll think I'm a kook.

"Crisis is routinely identified as a core mechanism of fascism because it short-cirtuits debate and democratic deliberation." -Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism

(Fascism is defined as a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.)

Beware of the term "state of emergency" in this economic crisis. It's the first step to losing our freedom.

Stay with me . . .

Declaring a state of emergency would give the President what looks like "authority" to circumvent Congressional approval for anything, instituting just about anything he (or his cohorts) desire. It would be the beginning of the end of freedom as we know it. When Congress is deemed irrelevant, our system of checks and balances disappears altogether and we live under a regime, not in freedom.

So, what can you do about it?

1. Contact your Congress men/women immediately. Call their offices and talk to their staff about the things Obama and Jackson have said. Ask if they've heard it and if they agree or disagree. Ask them how they plan to uphold the Consitutional authority of Congress. Don't just send an email; talk to them verbally.

2. Spread the word. Use every medium you have: email, blogging (feel free to share this post), facebook, twitter, phone calls; whatever.

3. Be an informed voter. As you seek to preserve the office of the President, make sure you are prepared to vote for the next President. Be knowledgeable. Watch the debates. Read their websites. Ask questions.

4. Pray for the United States. We have a great system set up by our founders. It works well. Pray for our citizens, elected officials, and our form of government.

5. Educate your children. The next generation needs to be more educated and informed than the current generation. Make sure your children know the Bible, the Constitution, and the opposing forms of government.

Please, I beg you, don't sit by and ignore this threat to our great nation.

There is great Danger in Complacency.

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