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Movies for History


In our homeschool, we enjoy a good movie to round out certain periods of history. It really helps the times, the culture, the era to come alive. And if you've done your study before you watch the movie, you'll hear your children exclaim that they recognize this person or that place. Plus, it's lots of fun!

I was recently sent a list of historical movies in chronological order. For a Type A homeschooling, list-obsessed mom, it was like winning the jackpot! Click here for the full list.

Obviously, parents need to filter this information for their families. Some are not appropriate for children, but there are a couple of ways to verify their content.

Internet Movie Database or IMDB is an exhaustive list of movies that you can search, by title, producer, actors, and almost anything else. It is pretty good about giving you the breakdown of what's included, like launguage, themes, violence, etc. It's a secular site, but I still find that it gives lots of helpful information.

Plugged In Online by Focus on the Family is a great resource for Christian parents for all things media. The only drawback is that it's mostly current movies (meaning this generation) that they review. Okay, two drawbacks: I find that Focus on the Family is not nearly conservative as I used to think they were, or that I am more conservative than I used to be. So, again, you'll need to filter it yourself.

One of my standards for judging movies is the older the better. You almost can't go wrong if it was made in the 60's or before (I say almost, because there are always exceptions.)

Some examples of movies we've enjoyed this year: Shennandoah (Civil War) and The Alamo (Texas History). We are getting ready to watch Sargent York as we study WWI, and then there are numerous titles to choose from for WWII.

So pop some corn and rent or stream a historical flick after school!




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