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The Importance of Reading Scripture

34 There is absolutely no substitute for reading God's Word. On a stresssful day, chocolate, caffeine, a bubble bath, and a long walk are all to be desired, but the greatest calming agent is truly God's Word. And sometimes that's all you've got.

In a recent 4 Moms 35 Kids blogging marathon, Kim Brenneman, author of Large Family Logistics (an awesome book!) joined the discussion on basically managing the large Family. You'd expect a list of great tips, lists, and time-management advice. But since she already covered that in the book, she went straight to the real issue. We cannot do this alone.

"Wear out your Bible. Plan to buy a new Bible next year because your current one gets worn out. Put it beside your favorite chair and read daily. Read it to your children, not only yourself. If a child interrupts your quiet time then start reading outloud to that child. Don't get frustrated, just make that child part of your study time. Take the Bible to the breakfast table and read to the children while they eat. Do the same thing at your lunch hour. Take it to bed with you and read it before you go to sleep. When you wake up, read a chapter right away. "

You can read the full post here.

I think my favorite part is to wear out your Bible. Plan to buy a new one every year because your current one gets worn out. That has really stuck with me; it's convicted me. I want to wear out my Bible!

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