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This week in school . . .

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Since we school year round, there was no "starting back" this week like most other families, just the casual routine of our laid-back homeschooling.

Nicholas is in Math-U-See Primer, and loving it. He calls math "awesome!"

Claudia is writing a research paper on Martha Finley, the author of the Elsie Dinsmore series. Please excuse our mess. : )

Chloe is reading George Washington Carver as part of Sonlight.

Nicholas read his first book! (One of the Bob Books, "Fun in the Sun.")

The little kids did Five in a Row with The ABC Bunny and made a lapbook. Nathan is practicing pre-handwriting skills with a printout specially made for this lapbook.

Catie naps a lot, and likes to have books read to her when she's awake.

Speaking of babies during school, since she's at such a fun, easy age Catie's not really a distraction. She takes 2 long naps a day, and plays with toys in the floor. But if she gets bored, I'll put her in the high chair with something to play with while we're at the table, or put her in the playpen for a bit. If she's awake, she'll play while we do our Sonlight reading, or one of the big girls will hold her.

Don't ask me what it will look like when she's mobile! I haven't prepared for that.

After 10 years of homeschooling, I love it more than ever!

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