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34 Imagine a place where you can "copy and paste" pictures of everything you love on the web.

Imagine not having to "add to favorites" and then remembering what each "favorite" is.

Imagine sorting all the great websites you've found, projects you want to try, recipes you'd like to remember, blogs you'd like to go back to later, hairstyles you might consider, quotes you want to remember, bathroom makeovers you'd like to copy, and much, much more.

Imagine doing all of this VISUALLY.

That's what Pinterest is.

It's a virtual bulletin board. Literally. You can follow your friends on Pinterest, make new friends, and save and sort all the great things you find on the web.

Wanna see? Click here and take a look at mine:

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Start your own Pinterest and start "pinning" your favorites! Add me to your Pinterest friends and we can share great ideas!
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