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Making Birthdays Special

34 In the interest of making my children's birthdays really special, I like to do simple things throughout the day to add to the celebration.

This year, for my oldest daughter's birthday, I came up with this birthday breakfast.

It's really just donuts and fruit, but presentation is everything! This was the first surprise of the day.

There are lots of fun things to do to make birthdays a really special day, like filling the child's room with balloons before they wake up, cooking their favorite meals, and looking at their baby book. At our house, we cancel school, give the birthday girl or boy the day off from chores, and take them out to dinner.

Amanda Bennet has a really fun Birthday unit study for homeschool, and I hope to do this with my younger kids this year.

I'm seriously considering asking my husband to schedule vacation days on everyone's birthday next year. It will give him 7 days off to look forward to each year and we won't have to wait until the end of the day (when he gets home) to let the party begin!

Please share your ideas in the comments below for other fun birthday ideas!

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