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How to Have Fun


Wow, what a bold title, huh?

Okay, I don't necessarily claim to be the life of the party, but I have spent a lot of time thinking lately about the need to change my focus. NO, it's not about eating, drinking, and being merry all the time, but rather making sure that life isn't all about getting it done, checking off the to-do list, and completing a day.

I believe God is reminding me of this as I go through each day. I tend to get focused on things like getting all the laundry done before my husband comes home, finishing a math book by the end of the month, or other lofty goals. But I tend to forget about things like laughing off the spills, reading a book 5 times in a row to my toddler, singing Itsy-Bitsy Spider, and pushing the kids on the swing.

I KNOW God is telling me constantly to BE WHERE I AM. I tell my kids this, too. Focus on the people around you. Get your work done, but don't let it consume you. Make sure your goals are people-oriented instead of stuff-oriented. Skip the math lessons once in awhile. Read a fun book together. Whistle while you work. Stop and smell the roses.

You get the idea.

Some people come by this naturally, but I do not. I need to be reminded to relax and laugh and have fun.

So in the interest of having fun, I try to be more spontaneous. I try to say YES more often than NO. I might make a batch of caramel popcorn in the middle of the day. Or suggest impromptu movie time. Or get slushies at Sonic during Happy Hour. Or let the laundry get behind (okay, this isn't much of a stretch!).

I don't know how to whistle, but I will sing or play fun music while I work. And if I had some roses, I would stop and smell them. I do have a sweet baby girl, and babies smell sweet, so maybe I'll change it to Stop and Smell the Baby. : )

Whatever works!

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