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DIY Wipe-Off Boards

34 While I was shopping for my daughter's birthday, I actually came up with this idea IN.THE.STORE. I devised it as I went down the aisles. It is a combination of things I've seen on the web, adapted for us.

DIY Wipe-Off and Memo Boards:

Since my girls are trying to update their bedroom to a black and white theme, Claudia asked for this quilt for her birthday:

(It's from JC Penny)

She's always needing a place to write and hang notes, but plain ole wipe-off boards are so boring. Since I've already done the frame/scrapbook paper wipe-off board, I new that was one angle I wanted to use. And recently I saw this idea for a memo board from Shanty 2 Chic.

It was easy and inexpensive: black 8x10 frames, bright-colored scrapbook paper, extra large binder clips, and a hot glue gun.

I just glued the binder clips right on the glass for the memo boards. The wipe-off board is obviously best with a paper color that is light and bright under the glass.

I can see these all over the house, with a variety of frame colors, paper backgrounds, and different uses!



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