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And another daughter is ELEVEN!

34 My sweet Chloe has passed the TEN mark, and is now slowly moving into the teenage years. What I love about Chloe is that she is still SO little girl. She loves to play with all kinds of toys, play games and make-believe with her little brothers, and all kinds of other childish things.

(She has just joined our local homeschool volleyball team. And what a great number!)

She has a very quiet, sweet, and sensitive personality. She is compassionate, creative, and athletic. She loves to read. She loves fairy tales.

All of her friends say that Chloe is their Best Friend! She's just that kind of girl.

She is also VERY happy to have a little sister!

Oh, and she wants to open her own cupcake shop when she grows up.

We like Chloe a LOT!


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