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Preserving old quilt squares

34 I had a friend ask me recently (okay, a couple of YEARS ago) if I could salvage some good blocks from a very worn out quilt that her grandma made. I said, "Sure!" And then I took them home, cut them out, and stuck them in my sewing closet and promptly forgot. And had another baby. And other stuff.

And then I cleaned out my sewing closet and found the squares and said, "Oh My Gosh I Forgot About Those!!!" and immediately got to work.

So this is what I did.

It's a simple little pillow cover that can be slipped on and off for washing. I added the ruffle for free to make up for the two-year delay.

And speaking of two-year delays on sewing projects, here's a sneek peak at what I'm currently working on:

I love sewing, and I especially love to quilt, so I'm glad to finally be able to work on these projects!

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