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Enouraging Sibling Interaction


With five children spread out over 15 years, there are times when I notice the big kids and the little kids not interacting the way I'd like them to. Oh, the big kids help with hairstyles, putting shoes on, and getting a cup of water for the young ones, but the amount of playtime together starts to dwindle.

One of my top priorities as a mom is to see my kids have fun together. And sometimes I need to help them do that. : )

So I came up with a great idea, with an even greater name: 30-Minute Fun Time. Genius name, right? : ) This is a scheduled time in our school day just before lunch where the kids are paired up (one big/one little) for 30 minutes of dedicated playtime together.

Here's how we do it:

The big kids and the little kids take turns drawing names (we have two big girls and two little boys besides the baby sister). Then, those pairs go off to play together for 30 minutes. I set a timer, and when the playtime is over, it's lunch time. (If baby is awake, she and Mom will participate.)

The rules for this are simple: do a real activity together, like read, play a board game, play anything. No computer/TV/electronics of any kind.

We try to do this everyday, but in reality it happens 2-3 times a week. But it does wonders in combatting boredom and mischief in little boys, and it allows the big girls focused time with their little brothers (SO necessary).

That's my great idea for the week!

(If you have suggestions for a more creative name, I'm all ears.)

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