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Black and White Girls' Bedroom

34 I am so excited to share with you the room makeover my sister Amandah did for her three girls! She has six children altogether; 3 boys and 3 girls. Their new house has an upstairs gameroom with a closet and bathroom, so she turned it into the "girls' room." It turned out soooooo cute!

The girls decided to go with a black and white theme, and then each girl would add an accent color of her own.

First, you have to check out this tree mural that she painted by hand. Yes. You read that right. Here's the close-up.

This is the full view. It's painted between two windows above the half-black painted wall. After painting, she meticulously glued little silk flowers all over the tree, complete with little tiny rinestones in the center of each flower. Each girl's personal color is represented in the flowers.

Here's the tree mural before the flowers.

They have a cute black futon that serves as a couch for their sitting area, complete with its own coffee table.

Here's the view from the back of the futon. It's very lounge-like, isn't it?

Jarah (8), chose purple as her color.

Emma (11) chose an aqua-blue.

Sydney (13) chose hot pink. Each girl has her initial framed above her bed. My sister acutally painted the colored square on the wall, attched the letter, and then attached the frame. She said this was extremely difficult to get right!

The chandelier was painted black to match. She still wants to add some sparkle to it.

It looks so cute, and is a great room for sisters to share!

My girls love it so much that they've decided to do the black and white, too, and add their own personal color- touches. We're in the process of changing over. With birthdays just around the corner, there may be a makeover very soon!


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