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Pineapple Chicken Salad

34 I came up with this recipe last week when I was craving something summer-y and light tasting. It's a twist on the chicken salad recipe posted here.

Instead of apples, I used pineapple tidbits (in their own juice), and added about 1 teaspoon of chopped cilantro and the juice of one lime. I also poured some of the pineapple juice in. I kept the celery, walnuts, and green onion.


I paired this with a homemade Limeade for a wonderful, summery dinner!

The Limeade was easy:

Juice one lime in a 16 oz. glass
Add 1 tsp or packet of Truvia
Add Seltzer
Add ice

Note: Since I'm not a scientist, I can't explain why the seltzer reacts with either the lime or the Truvia, but pour slowly or you'll have an overflow!

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